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UL Recognized Component Mark
A symbol shown below is marked on the label of our Lithium battery. In case of coin type and thin type (pouch) battery, symbol is not marked on battery but its packaging. This symbol is called “UL recognized component mark” and certifies the product bearing this symbol complies with UL safety standard.
When your product incorporated with Lithium battery would be investigated or recognized by UL, such battery that is already recognized by UL is essential. In case of coin type and thin type (pouch) battery, please keep packaging bearing this symbol for the evidence at the time of UL audit or investigation.
UL Certificate document
Below URL is the direct link to entrance of search window for “Online certification directory”, you can find out our latest page by simple operation as following in any time.
Our online certification will appear on your PC screen after finishing above operation. By using of online certification directory, our all Lithium batteries are indicated in the list as UL certification. This indication is available for using as UL certification because it is formal service supplied from UL for its purpose.
UL may also afford paper form of certification as an option, however, we recommend using online certification directory for prevent from additional expenses and waste of time as far as no special reason like difficulty to link network or so.
Relationship between Product name and UL Model name
The name of batteries listed in online certification is so called “Model name”.
On the other hand, more various and different product names according to the variety of tab terminals or connecting terminations of batteries are bestowed on our batteries. The model names are different from those product names. If basic cells are same in those various named batteries, they are regarded one model name, so the wording afterward of model name of basic cell can be neglected in view of UL recognition.
E.g.) Product names: CR2/3 8.L-F1ST4S, CR2/3 8.L-CN668S, CR2/3 8.L-CN763S, etc.
Model name of all above is CR2/3 8.L

When you look closely at model names indicated in our online certification, you may be aware of existence of various model names though basic cell is same for them.
E.g.) CR2032, CR2032s, CR2032v, CR2032U, CR2032T
In above case, basic cell is CR2032 and one alphabet is added each of them as suffix. This alphabet plays a role of identifier. They are regarded as different model in view of UL recognition though they are all same battery as CR2032.
Cautionary statement
English cautionary statement is printed on the label of battery. In case of coin type and thin type (pouch) battery, taking account of scarce space for printing, the cautionary statement is printed on packaging.
The content of cautionary statement is constructed mainly three parts as showing Table 1. But in fact, actual statement is permitted to be similar or equivalent of wording in Table 1.


Content Indication Reference
Notification designation WARNING (CAUTION) In case of user replaceable battery, “CAUTION” is available.
Risk/hazard Fire, burn, (explosion) Left designation shall be printed as foreseeable risk or hazard.
Content forbidden or required Recharge
Open, crush or disassemble
Heat above 213F (100°C)
Left designation or equivalent shall be printed.
Keep out of reach of children
Keep in original package until ready to use.
Dispose of used batteries promptly
Left should be printed on packaging.
Never put batteries in mouth. Swallowing may lead to serious injury or death. If ingested, immediately seek medical attention and have a doctor phone the National Capital Poison Control Center at (202)625-3333
Coin type only.
Left shall be printed on packaging.
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